LIVIAaward nominees 2019

Among the nominated candidates for the LIVIA Award in 2019, the Livia Foundation, with the help of eight Danish conflicting experts, nominated the following groups and individuals. They are all chosen for inventive, as well as courageous and tireless conflict work without the use of violence.

Min ElBahar


Min ElBahar has each summer since 2007 brought around 1400 palestinian children and their mothers, who do not have acces to the ocean, to a beach in Tel Aviv. The group believes, that peace will come when Palestinian and Israeli will start trusting and respecting each other, when suspicion and fear will be removed.

Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Commission of the AnglicanChurch

Democratic Republic of Congo

Justice, Peace and Reconciliation Commission of the AnglicanChurch works in Ituri and Haut-Uélé provinces, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has played a key role in strengthening

community-based peacebuilding in Lord’s Resistance Army affected areas and support the reintegration of young LRA returnees.

Vilma Núñez de Escorcia


Vilma Núñez de Escorcia, is an 81-year old lawyer and president for the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights. She has since the 1970s fought tirelessly for respect for human rights, peaceful handling of conflicts and restoration of democracy in Nicaragua.

Özlem Cekic


Özlem Cekic invites her worst critiques and those she diasagrees with the most to coffee and dialogue. She initiates dialogue and has met with radical Muslims as well as neo-Nazis as part of the initiative.  She is continuing her dialogue initiative and is training to become a peace mediator/negotiator in Denmark and abroad.



Young people from WE:ACT initiated in 2015 as a counter reaction to the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen the Salaam Shalom Peace Festival – a cross cultural peace festival with the purpose to build bridge and create co-existence between Danish Jews and Muslims.