Award ceremony 2023

Dignity Space

LIVIA motivation: Dignity Space is based in Kiev, Ukraine. The organisation has developed the training programme ‘Peace Engineers’, where people from different vocations are trained in nonviolence, dialogue, and peacebuilding. Peace engineer alumni use their skills in local Ukrainian communities under very difficult circumstances andcontinue to do so after the full-scale invasion.

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Dignity Space collage


LIVIA motivation: OMTÆNKE-Tanken (The RETHINK-tank) The R-THINK-tank is based on principles such as “No to Armament – Yes to a Sustainable Security Policy”. The RETHINK- tank abides by Olof Palme’s Independent Commission on Disarmament and Security, which stated that nations and populations can only feel safe when their counterparts feel safe. Offering an alternative to a dominant discourse in favour of military superiority, the RETHINK-tank promotes a concept of “sustainable security policy”.

Read more about OMTÆNKE-Tanken here.

Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse

LIVIAs motivation: Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse/DGUB (The Green Youth Movement) is a group of young climate activists fighting for a green, just future and structural changes in society such as more comprehensive climate policies and biodiversity laws. DGUB seek influence through different campaigns, demonstrations and advocacy work in order to highlight challenges and reduce damage. DGUB’s work is based solely on voluntarycontributions and commitment and is independent of party politics.

Read more about Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse here.


Among the nominated candidates for the LIVIA Award in 2013, the LIVIA Foundation nominated the following groups and individuals. They are all chosen for inventive, as well as courageous and tireless conflict work without the use of violence.


Break the Silence

Break the Silence works to give children and young people in Denmark the courage to talk about child abuse and partner violence. The organisation provides help to young people who have been victims of partner violence, and let them know that they are not alone with their experiences and offer advice and guidance. In addition, Bryd Tavsheden develops information material and school campaigns.

Bryd Tavsheden has been nominated for their work with early interventions on breaking patterns of violence, so that more young people learn not to use violence – and to end violent relationships.

Let Me Keep My Childhood

“La Tkabrouna Baadna Zghar”/Let Me Keep My Childhood Campaign have been nominated for the LIVIA Foundation award 2023 for their work amongst Syrian refugee families on abolishing child marriage within their community in central Bekaa in Lebanon and succeeded. The organisation started out with three women, but by mobilizing more than 600 family members locally, they have succeeded in annulling or postponing 200 child marriages.

Ezabir Ali
Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir

Ezabir Ali is nominated for her work dedicated to the women in Kashmir, who often have very little say in the public sphere. Ezabir Ali uses art and other creative formats to ensure that womens conflict experiences are heard and documented. Working across cultural, religious and conflict divides her work bring hope to those involved.