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Kirstine Rønnov Due

Mette Damgaard
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Poul Erik Christoffersen
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Line Wolf Nielsen
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Simon Kratholm Ankjærgaard
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The LIVIA Foundations chairperson, Else Hammerich, was thanked for her long, patient and impatient work for conflict resolution at the award ceremony in 2014.
Photo: Pernille Bærendtsen

The LIVIA Foundation of 1 July 2011 has been made possible through support from Else Hammerich, founder of the Center for Conflict Resolution, and author, teacher and mediator Kirsten Frydensberg, Center for Conflict Resolution, ‘Ungdomsbyen’ (Youth City) in Denmark, Interkulturelt Center (Intercultural Center), and a number of dedicated individuals.

If violence is the last resort then we ought to give some attention to the second to last resort.

M.K. Gandhi