Award ceremony 2009

Den 12. marts 2009 blev tre priser uddelt for første gang ved en lancering af LIVIAFonden. De tre ærespriser til gavn for konstruktivt konfliktarbejde gik til:

Combatants for Peace

Combatants for Peace is a group of Palestinians and Israelis who used to take an active part in the cycle of violence in the region. Now, they work together to create peace on the basis of non-violence principles. They primarily work at the street level in the two communities where they encourage people to take joint Israeli-Palestinian action against the violence. They believe that the conflict cannot be resolved on the basis of military means for both parties.  

Read more about Combatants for Peace here.

Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen

The former head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service was awarded the LIVIA prize for his involvement in the strategy of “conciliatory gesture” – to keep contact with the opponent, even when it seems impossible, and insist on negotiation and dialogue.

K-teamet in Høje-Taastrup Community

A prime example of interdisciplinary conflict management in  a community. The K-team is educated to provide guidance and to mediate in issues concerning generation conflicts, forced marriages and arranged marriages.


Among all the nominees for the LIVIA Prize, there are a large number of good stories about non-violent and inventive conflict resolution. Below are the other nominees for this year’s award ceremony.

Crossing Borders & Garba Diallo
A creative education-oriented NGO that creates space for impartial dialogue, conflict management and media skills for young people and teachers from conflict zones in the Middle East, Denmark, southern Africa and Central Europe. CB encourages young people to abandon stereotypes and develop positive images of each other through active dialogue, media work and capacity building in a bottom-up perspective towards peace. CB is started and led by Garba Diallo.


Mediation project in the Center for Rape Victims
“How could you do that?” This is how most women who have been sexually assaulted think, and for some it is important to ask the question directly to the man who committed the assault.They want to understand why it happened. They will be heard, seen and responded to, and the Center for Rape Victims at Rigshospitalet provides a safe framework and a mediator for these conversations.


MEPO Youth
Henrik Goldschmidt and The Middle East Peace Orchestra have started this children and youth project, based in Copenhagen, Jerusalem and Ramallah. The idea is to give Arab, Jewish and Christian children and young people a chance to meet through music and dance and thus create relationships across the otherwise, at times, deep divides. In collaboration with professional musicians, they create concerts across the boundaries they grow up with.  Watch clips with MEPO here.


Artist Julie Edel Hardenberg
Julie Edel Hardenberg is a Greenlandic artist, and through various forms of contemporary art she manages to make the many aspects of the postcolonial context visible. With her thoroughly conscious, natural, poetic and also humorous approach to concepts such as ethnic and cultural identity, she manages to clarify the concept that exists in many parts of the world in relation to the postcolonized countries.