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May 10th 2023

Last entry May 10th 2023

The LIVIA Foundation works to make the courageous and non-violent approach to conflicts in societies visible

The LIVIA Foundation works to make the courageous and non-violent approach to conflicts in societies visible


The LIVIA Foundation looks for and publicises forceful examples of competent and alternative conflict solution. This is done in order to show the surrounding world that conflicts can be managed inventively rather than to give as good as one gets. The LIVIA Foundation supports projects and individuals who manage to turn conflicts into new opportunities, even in bleak times.

It takes place among other things at the presentation of the LIVIA awards. The candidates for the LIVIA prizes are put forward in an open, international nomination process, whereupon the board of the LIVIA foundation elects the recipients.

The prizes are awarded to spirited individuals, who pioneers new processes in conflicts and approach those peacefully and creatively by:


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The vision of the LIVIA Foundation is to create – through the LIVIA awards – reverberations and hope throughout Denmark and internationally. Thousands of people should get involved with finding inspiring examples, which show that we – as a human race – are taking well thought out and audacious steps towards a world where we can live in greater amity with one another.

The works of the LIVIA Foundation are based on the voluntary efforts from many people, you can see the board here.


The LIVIA foundation was brought into the world to make visible the courageous and non-violent approach to conflicts in societies, which are being practiced every day everywhere on this planet, but even so often overlooked by the media. The world is full of conflicts, which need to be managed with reason. The LIVIAfoundation aims to show the public that it is possible – in Denmark as well as the surrounding world.

The name LIVIA refers to the olive twig, which is an ancient sign of peace and reconciliation. It is also a sign of hope: when The Flood was at an end, it was a dove, which carried a sprig of olive leaves back to Noah at the arch.